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Multi-Modal Location SDK

  • Our iOS and Android SDKs provide developers with a solution to continually gathering location data, whether it’s indoors or out.
  • It’s the first SDK available to use WiFi RTT for metre accurate indoor location.

Background operation

Our iOS and Android SDK’s provide a single solution to app developers looking to utilise location data - whether it’s for geofencing, push notifications, or analytics.

Unlike many solutions, our technology is designed to work continually, tracking users while apps are in ‘background’.

Reach off site and on site, Indoors and out

We combine GPS, wifi and cellular position from the operating system with Bluetooth beacons, Wifi signal strengths, Wifi RTT and bluetooth signals between phones to produce a single location history, indoors and out.

Location accuracies of around 10m are possible indoors with minimal infrastructure (often a lightweight beacon installation, or even just existing wifi access points).

Colocator Platform

Some mobile location platforms are little more than an SDK - a wrapper around the OS location manager. Colocator is a cloud-based location data store and processing platform. It retains full location data histories as long as they are needed.

It’s got API’s, but it’s also an end-end solution that’s capable of delivering value to businesses alongside, but independently of an app. You can deliver an advanced geospatial application, and build as much or as little as you like.


Our iOS and Android Location SDKs are designed to be as easy as possible to integrate. We support common dependency tools like cocoapods, carthage and gradle. We minimise our own dependencies, and allow the dependency frameworks to handle them. We provide access to the SDK as a source-code dependency, to avoid swift and XCode versioning problems.

You can view our developer docs at developers.colocator.net

Dynamic Configuration

Everything our SDK does is dynamically and remotely activated and configured. Our back-end can activate the SDK only for a specific time-range. If users aren’t near a region of interest, then infrequent, approximate locations are gathered in an energy-efficient way. When bluetooth or beacons are being used, scanning can be enabled only in relevant locations.


The SDK can be remotely configured to gather GPS / Wifi / Cell locations from the operating system, and also data from wifi and bluetooth sensors, usually for indoor positioning. The SDK can also transmit encrypted blueooth signals that can be picked up by other SDK installs nearby. This powers our unique cooperative positioning engine.

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Wifi RTT Enabled Indoor Positioning Platform

An exciting milestone for Indoor Positioning. Wifi RTT is now fully integrated into Colocator, and we recently demonstrated end-to-end indoor positioning using Wifi RTT responders in our office.

Cooperative Positioning Engine Reaches General Availability

Our location intelligence platform ‘Colocator’ has always been capable of cooperative positioning. But with the recent 2.1 release of our SDKs, copoertative has become an important part of our offering.

Android P has WiFi RTT indoor location. But when will Cisco and Aruba switch on the signals?

Android Pie is now released, and one of the talked-about new features is ‘Wifi RTT’. But, it’s over to Cisco and Aruba to switch on the signals.