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Visitor Experience Management

Personalising the physical onsite experience requires both understanding the customer experience, and the means to influence it.

Colocator’s Engage module allows messages to be targeted to customers based on their entire location history.

  • By sending the right message to the right customer at the right time, the experience can be enhanced, and facility usage can be load balanced. Send a message to people queuing on level 1, letting them know the queues are shorter upstairs.
  • Let visitors know about a particular exhibit or area they missed as they’re leaving.
  • Guide visitors to the right exit based on the transportation they used when arriving.


Engage is our push notification segmentation product, providing flexible visit based segmentation and reaction measurement.


Insight is our real-time product, delivering crowd flow visualisations and metrics.


Analytics is our footfall product, providing visualisation, reporting and query engines for location data.

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Goodwood Motorsport

In 2018 Goodwood launched a dedicated motorsport app to mark the 25th anniversary of its Festival of Speed, the leading celebration of the motor car that takes place each summer. The new app included Crowd Connected’s Colocator technology.

A Complete Guide to Vistor Data

Our latest ebook details how leading events are using Visitor Data to optimize their business. It is a practical guide for anyone in the live event industry who wants to understand the importance of Visitor Data.

Colocator Engage Product Update

‘Engage’ is our push notification targeting platform, built for live events and visitor attractions. 2019 sees some significant enhancements, available to all our customers.