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Next generation geofencing

Geofencing starts with definining a geographic area. Typical solutions then allow an interaction like a notification to be attached to the area, triggered as a user crosses the boundary.

In contrast Colocator supports complex visit-based queries and triggers.

  • Using historic where and when filters, rather than just location now, allows you to segment on very specific behaviours.
  • You can trigger messages to people seen in location A this morning, and who have never visited location B, as they enter location C.
  • Colocator can also track the physical response to engagement. If you aren’t measuring response, your marketing might be having no effect. Or even worse having a negative effect on your brand.

Reach off site and on site, Indoors and out

  • Outdoors, Colocator uses GPS, so geofencing, down to around 10mx10m locations, is possible globally.
  • Indoors, Colocator uses a combination of positioning techniques to deliver exactly the same capability. It’s not proximity. It doesn’t have to use beacons.
  • You can segment and engage with your customers by drawing exactly the area you want on a floorplan.

Colocator Engage

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