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Indoor Events

Read how Bett used Colocator for visitor tracking and engagement

Delivering real-time visitor footfall analytics and advanced attendee engagement for the team behind the world’s biggest education technology event

Visitor Tracking

  • More than just people counting - Colocator provides true visitor tracking using mobile apps, and minimal hardware.
  • Use popularity maps for exhibitor sales
  • Identify high value visitors from their behaviour.
  • Make content scheduling data driven.
  • Add valuable behavioural data to your CRM system.

Visitor Experience Management

  • Combining real-time footfall analytics with targeted push notifications allows you to optimise the visitor experience in real time.
  • Load balance your sessions and facilities by moving customers to under-utilised areas.

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A Complete Guide to Vistor Data

Our latest ebook details how leading events are using Visitor Data to optimize their business. It is a practical guide for anyone in the live event industry who wants to understand the importance of Visitor Data.