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Music Festivals

Learn how Latitude Festival enhanced their sponsor offering using Colocator.

Festival Republic, the promoter of Latitude, wanted to offer sponsor EE innovative ways of enhancing the brand’s profile. Breaking down the barriers between the physical festival and the digital space of the official festival app, Festival Republic also wanted to enhance attendees’ experiences with timely, high impact, push notification messages which could be branded by EE. Festival Republic recognised that push notifications can enhance the customer experience, but only if the messages are relevant and valuable.

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Footfall Analytics

  • Track visitors across your entire site.
  • Report footfall metrics to sponsors and key partners.
  • Load balance your facilities.

Visitor Segmentation

  • Make your digital marketing as personal as each unique visitor journey.
  • Help festival-goers with relevant operational information.
  • Improve discovery by sending the right recommendations at the right time to the right people.
  • Help sponsors by driving traffic to their activations without overloading users with branded messaging.

Crowd Tracking

  • Track visitors in real time to improve operations and safety.
  • Provide real-time crowd visualisations for your safety team
  • Use dashboards to optimise operations in real-time

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