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Indoor Positioning

Indoor positioning has failed to become ‘mass-market’ because it’s been too complex and too expensive.

Crowd Connected’s indoor positioning solution solves all the key barriers to adoption and is set to lower costs and disrupt the indoor positioning market. It:

  • Adapts to each environment, without the need for fingerprinting or calibration.
  • Adapts to each device, providing optimal operation on all smartphones.
  • Operates while apps are in the foreground, powering in-app navigation through integrations with multiple indoor-mapping providers.
  • Gathers data continually while apps are in the background, powering customer analytics and marketing solutions.

Critical to devliering this is a unique approach using machine learning to continually optimise performance.

Infrastructure Options

Multiple options including Bluetooth, iBeacons, WiFi and WiFi RTT enable you to leverage existing infrastructure and minimise installation costs. We supply custom long-rage navigation beacons that out-perform common proximity iBeacons.


The simplest of setup. No fingerprinting or calibration is required. Just map beacons or access points on a web console. Nothing more complex is required to achieve reliable accuracy.


Simple pricing that easy to understand, with the lowest possible up-front costs and commitment. £500 per month per 10,000m2 software licence. (Plus hardware installation and rental if required.)

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Announcing our latest integration: Mapwize indoor mapping

13 November 2019 - Last week at London’s Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology, we unveiled an exciting new partnership with Mapwize, a leading indoor mapping provider.

Indoor Positioning Performance

How to assess the performance of indoor positioning solutions, and why a single accuracy number can be very misleading.

Wifi RTT Enabled Indoor Positioning Platform

An exciting milestone for Indoor Positioning. Wifi RTT is now fully integrated into Colocator, and we recently demonstrated end-to-end indoor positioning using Wifi RTT responders in our office.