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Helping companies that operate in the physical world gain a digital advantage

  • Colocator is a complete, cloud-based service for gathering location data from mobile apps, and using it for footfall analytics and location-based marketing.
  • It’s used by visitor businesses across the world including music festivals, airshows, football clubs, major sporting events and stadiums.
  • It can take an exisiting mobile app, and turn it into a powerful data gathering tool, providing detailed insight into visitor behaviour.

The data gap

Physical businesses often struggle to really understand customer behaviour. If you find yourself wishing there was a Google Analytics for the real world, then Colocator can provide the answer. Simply by using data from mobile app users, with no sensor infrastructure required.

Load balancing

Sending push notifications to customers doesn’t just have to be for their benefit. With Colocator’s advanced targeting engine, notifications can be used to influence visitor behaviour in real time. And more predicatable visitor behaviour means a better customer experience, and optimised operations.

Explore product modules


Engage is our push notification segmentation product, providing flexible visit based segmentation and reaction measurement.


Insight is our real-time product, delivering crowd flow visualisations and metrics.


Analytics is our footfall product, providing visualisation, reporting and query engines for location data.