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An end-to-end solution for geo-targeted push notifications.

Messages are created in a simple CMS within our web app. Targeting uses visit-based segmentation based on user defined regions.

Notifications are sent to users by integrating with downstream messaging providers. We currently integrate with Apple APNS, Google FCM, Amazon SNS, Amazon Pinpoint, OneSignal and Urban Airship.

Message targeting

There are more and more push notifications that might be valuable to customers. Or might be of value to sponsors and partners. But sending all of them to every app users quickly results in overload.

Targeted messages instead get the right information to just the right people.

Discovery and personalisation

Events - whether they’re major expos or music festivals - provide almost limitless options to their attendees. This is what makes the events appealing. But it can also be daunting for visitors.

Colocator allows push notifications to be delivered based on a visitor’s behavioural history. And that means that a new level of guidance and personalisation is possible.

Reaction measurement

Real-time reaction monitoring is a unique capability of the Colocator platform. If a push notification is designed to encourage people to visit a location, then it’s effectiveness can be measured.

Our console provides live measurement of reach, relevance, reaction and result, allowing immediate understanding of how your customers are responding to your messaging.

The Secrets of Push Messaging Success

Are you getting the most out of the targeted messages you send? How leading events are using location-based push messaging – best practice, real-world examples of successful campaigns and the pitfalls of getting it wrong.

Contextual marketing and footfall analytics need background location data

The first question you should ask about any indoor positioning or location service - Does it work in background? Your customers' phones spend a lot of time in their pockets.

Latitude Festival

Latitude is the UK’s leading multi-arts outdoor festival that takes place in Suffolk, England each year. Running over four consecutive days, it offers festivalgoers a range of entertainment including live music, theatre, art, comedy, cabaret, poetry, politics, dance and literature.